The journal The Quality of Higher Education is a forum for different philosophies of education quality competing with each other. We do hope that both theoretical and empirical research of higher education quality being published in the journal will enable the readers to analyse, evaluate and develop their own attitude towards the issues of higher education and research quality, as well as will contribute to the quality culture improvement in universities, colleges, and other institutions of higher education sector.

The journal, being published in the Lithuanian and English languages, provides prime possibility for native scientists and practitioners to join international discussions together with the researchers from various nations, searching for the most efficient means to solve quality issues together with politicians and employees of higher education institutions. On the other hand, we do hope as well the journal to contribute definitely in obtaining supplementary information for the European and global academic community about the changes in education quality culture progressing in our country. It is supremely relevant for Lithuania being a member of the European Union and aiming to join the European Higher Education Area till 2010.

The journal “The Quality of Higher Education” belongs to the ERIC Education Resources Information Center, MLA International Bibliography, Index Copernicus, EBSCO Publishing Educational Research Index, EBSCO Educational Reseach Complete and to the CEEOL international databases. The journal is also included in the list of journals of University of Otago (New Zealand) "HelpMePublish".

The journal is structured in two sections - research and realities.
The first section is assigned for fundamental, comparative and applied research of higher education quality covering the goal to initiate conceptual discussions on philosophy of higher education and research quality, general principles, systems and models for quality assessment and management.

A distinguished peculiarity of the journal to be mentioned here concerns designing a system of higher education and research quality phenomena in order to release discussions and mutual understanding of different lingual and cultural researchers. We do expect this practice may facilitate the standardization of quality phenomena including determining conceptions in the future. That is precisely why the authors are asked to define and name fundamental phenomena being researched in the provided publications.

The mission of the realities section concerns providing information to both national and foreign academic communities about initiated juridical acts and laws, issued publications and scientific works, national and international projects in the context of education quality or its policy, present and future conferences along with all the outcomes being relevant for the development of both quality culture and higher education and research quality assurance in Lithuania.

The journal The Quality of Higher Education is, first of all, assigned for lecturers and students of higher education institutions, as well as politicians and leaders, employers and graduates, scientists and practitioners including all those carrying out research, studies, and being concerned with higher education and improvement of its quality.

In the name of Editorial Board - Prof. Kęstutis Pukelis